GK test on Sh Narendra Modi in MCQ Format

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GK test on Sh Narendra Modi in MCQ Format
Sh narendra modi is prime minister of India.
This is small GK test containing 10 Questions on Sh Modi.
Test Yourself using these objective questions.
Very useful as question on PM modi may appear in any exam.
And it will help you to know him better

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Practice Paper For LIC exams :English

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Practice Paper For LIC exams :English
English Language Practice Paper LIC AAO
LIC AAO Practice Set
Directions : In each of the following questions, out of the given alternatives,
choose the one which is the nearest in meaning to the given word.

(a) Accuse
(b) Condemn
(c) Allege
(d) Reprimand
Answer. (a)

(a) Accepted
(b) Senile
(c) Retired
(d) Experienced
Answer. (c)

(a) Reprimand
(b) Censure
(c) Commendation
(d) Reproach
Answer. (c)

(a) Endurance
(b) Intensity
(c) Eagerness
(d) Energy
Answer. (d)

(a) Invective
(b) Rude
(c) Abusive
(d) Superficial
Answer. (b)

(a) Deviate
(c) Demure
(d) Disparage
Answer. (d)

(a) Chastise
(b) Testify
(c) Rebuke
(d) Appease
Answer. (d)

(a) Speak
(b) Receive
(c) Face
(d) Remember
Answer. (d)

(a) Magic
(b) Adventure
(c) Enmity
(d) Danger
Answer. (d)

(a) Accumulate
(b) Minimise
(d) Reduce
Answer. (c)

(a) Hidden
(b) Young
(c) Humorous
(d) Tedious
Answer. (b)

(a) Entrust
(b) Risk
(c) Travel
(d) Adventure
Answer. (b)

(a) Impudent
(b) Sceptical
(c) Thoughtless
(d) Irritable
Answer. (a)

(a) Passage
(b) Obstruction
(c) Fateful
(d) Destruction
Answer. (b)

(a) Sensational
(b) Old
(c) Obscene
(d) Pale
Answer. (a)

(a) Sample
(b) Wonder
(c) Miracle
(d) Model
Answer. (d)

(a) Watchful
(b) Intelligent
(c) Observant
(d) Energetic
Answer. (a)

(a) Distinct
(b) Aggressive
(c) Wayward
(d) Confused
Answer. (a)

19. VEER
(a) Shift
(b) Dominate
(c) Delegate
(d) Concentrate
Answer. (a)

(a) Indifferent
(b) Annoyed
(d) Angry
Answer. (c)

(a) Promote
(b) Judge
(c) Appoint
Answer. (d)

(a) Clever
(b) Morose
(c) Cheerful
(d) Wild
Answer. (d)

(a) Fantastic
(b) Exaggerated
(c) Colourful
(d) Pompous
Answer. (a)

(a) Correct
(b) Publish
(c) Oppose
(d) Advice
Answer. (d)

(a) Fluid
(b) Sucking
(c) Juicy
(d) Sweet
Answer. (c)

English Grammar objective Online test

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English Grammar objective Online test
English Language and Grammar Free Objective Online Exam
Free English grammar exercises and test online

Direction: In each of the following questions, out of the given alternatives, choose the
one which is nearest in meaning to the italicized word in the sentence.

1. The facade of our school building got a face-lift recently.
(a) Basement
(b) Floor
(c) Top
(d) Front
ANSWER : (d)

2. The stratospheric ozone layer plays an important protective role for life on earth
and its disruption is obviously fraught with dangerous consequences.
(a) Involving
(b) Concerned
(c) Followed
(d) Caused
ANSWER : (a)

3. There is not a single word that is redundant in the report.
(a) Bombastic
(b) Unimportant
(c) Flowery
(d) Not needed
ANSWER : (d)

4. In the company of smart and crafty fellows, a gaby finds himself out of place.
(a) Simpleton
(b) Innocent
(c) Honest
(d) Cunning
ANSWER : (a)

5. Being a member of this club, he has certain rights.
(a) Virtues
(b) Facilities
(c) Gains
(d) Privileges
ANSWER : (d)

6. How I envy the man who can always produce his reading glasses at a moment’s notice.
(a) Begrudge
(b) Desire
(c) Crave
(d) Covet
ANSWER : (a)

7. The munificence of the businessman was great.
(a) Generosity
(b) Stinginess
(c) Misery
(d) Tactfulness
ANSWER : (a)

8. The next day she pacified the teacher explaining her reason for the previous day’s leave.
(a) Quietened
(b) Silenced
(c) Pleased
(d) Flattered
ANSWER : (a)

9. He could not suppress his resentment against that decision.
(a) Excitement
(b) Irritation
(c) Displeasure
(d) Indignation
ANSWER : (c)

10. We did not expect such a judicious remark from him.
(a) Legal
(b) Shrewd
(c) Rational
(d) Sagacious
ANSWER : (d)

11. Despite a full one hour meeting, they could not arrive at any consensus.
(a) Settlement
(b) Unity
(c) Harmony
(d) Agreement
(e) Consent
ANSWER : (d)

12. During his meeting with the owners of the company he made a number of overtures.
(a) Observations
(b) Offers
(c) Agreements
(d) Promises
ANSWER : (b)

13. You cannot befool your mother by these pretences.
(a) Accusations
(b) Excuses
(c) Statements
(d) Promises
ANSWER : (b)
14. The eyewitness testimony was incontrovertible.
(a) Unquestionable
(b) Disputable
(c) Unacceptable
(d) Debatable
ANSWER : (a)

15. I realized they wanted to be alone together, so I felt very awkward
(a) Ashamed
(b) Inconvenient
(c) Embarrassed
(d) Clumsy
ANSWER : (c)

16. He was punished to rigorous imprisonment for larceny
(a) Murder
(b) Forgery
(c) Stealing
(d) Dacoit
ANSWER : (c)

17. The drugs were innocuous and had no side effect.
(a) Effective
(b) Harmless
(c) Imported
(d) Newly discovered
ANSWER : (b)

18. He is being treated for his somnolence.
(a) Weakness
(b) Severe pain in the joints
(c) Intoxication
(d) Sleepiness
ANSWER : (d)

19. The pupil was asked to rectify the mistake.
(a) Correct
(b) Condone
(c) Clarify
(d) Repeat
ANSWER : (a)

20. I used to skate quite well but I have lost the knack now.
(a) Agility
(b) Strength
(c) Skill
(d) Stamina
ANSWER : (c)

21. Tile criterion of Judgment would be fixed soon.
(a) Result
(b) Decision
(c) Standard
(d) Consideration
(e) Approach
ANSWER : (c)

22. He did not hesitate to pester the sleeping mother when he wanted money.
(a) Shake
(b) Wake
(c) Trouble
(d) Disturb
(e) Annoy
ANSWER : (d)

23. In spite of their efforts, the team of scientists could not make much
headway to solve the problem.
(a) Results
(b) Start
(c) Efforts
(d) Progress
(e) Thinking
ANSWER : (d)

24. The speech he made on the occasion was quite exhilarating.
(a) Irrelevant
(b) Boring
(c) Lively
(d) Learned
ANSWER : (c)

25. After that tiresome long journey, he felt drowsy.
(a) Sluggish
(b) Irritable
(c) Energetic
(d) Dizzy
ANSWER : (a)

26. The terminus of his progress would be reached when he accomplishes that honor.
(a) Beginning
(b) Highest stage
(c) Last point
(d) Result
ANSWER : (c)

27. Several ancillary units were patronized by that large store.
(a) Small
(b) Temporary
(c) Standing
(d) Subordinate
ANSWER : (d)

28. I don’t see why he should be so obsequious to his brother just because the latter is rich.
(a) Unusually kind
(b) Unfriendly
(c) Excessively respectful
(d) Offensive
ANSWER : (c)

29. An issue of the highest sensitivity, which required the greatest finesse and delicacy,
was handled in the most slapdash manner.
(a) Carefulness
(b) Attention
(c) Tact
(d) Action
ANSWER : (c)

30. Corruption stalks every sphere of national life.
(a) Pervades
(b) Penetrates
(c) Pollutes
(d) Poisons
ANSWER : (a)

31. The militant was nabbed at the airport.
(a) Caught
(b) Pursued
(c) Arrested
(d) Beaten
ANSWER : (a)

32. I am afraid I cannot relate the details now.
(a) Describe
(b) Recount
(c) Recollect
(d) Tell
ANSWER : (b)

33. Both young sleuths felt sure there was a link between the two.
(a) Travellers
(b) Boys
(c) Convicts
(d) Detectives
ANSWER : (d)

34. He did not succeed in his endeavour.
(a) Enterprise
(b) Effort
(c) Trick
(d) Plan
ANSWER : (b)

35. Five year plans have been put into operation to mitigate the sufferings of the poor
(a) Lessen
(b) Remove
(c) Reduce
(d) Cut
ANSWER : (a)

36. These recent developments seem to be quite adverse to our interests.
(a) Favorable
(b) Indifferent
(c) Unfortunate
(d) Opposed
ANSWER : (d)

37. He gave such a vivid description of the house we wanted to rent that we did not have
to look at it.
(a) Simple
(b) Detailed
(c) Clear
(d) Confused
ANSWER : (c)

38. If you don’t care for the blemishes of his style, you will find that the writer has a
powerful message to convey.
(a) Excellences
(b) Qualities
(c) Accusations
(d) Faults
ANSWER : (d)

39. He gave an expeditious reply.
(a) Exact
(b) Slow
(c) Elaborate
(d) Prompt
ANSWER : (d)

40. He does not know how to husband his resources.
(a) Manage
(b) Govern
(c) Rule
(d) Watch
ANSWER : (a)

41. Brevity pays in debate.
(a) Conciseness
(b) Sharpness
(c) Quickness
(d) Confidence
ANSWER : (a)

42. The Border Security Force intercepted yesterday a truck carrying arms and ammunition.
(a) Found
(b) Stopped
(c) Met
(d) Interrupted
ANSWER : (b)

43. His style is quite transparent.
(a) Witty
(b) Lucid
(c) Involved
(d) Verbose
ANSWER : (b)

44. Your present statement has allayed my fears.
(a) Relieved
(b) Obliterated
(c) Amused
(d) Eradicated
ANSWER : (a)

45. Because of a family feud, he never spoke to his wife’s parents.
(a) Problem
(b) Quarrel
(c) Crisis
(d) Trouble
ANSWER : (b)

46. The speaker drew examples copiously from various books.
(a) Largely
(b) Continuously
(c) Plentifully
(d) Completely
ANSWER : (c)

47. The attitude of the Western countries towards the Third Worlds countries is rather
callous to say the least.
(a) Unfeeling
(b) Cursed
(c) Unkind
(d) Passive
ANSWER : (a)

48. Hearing the news, the workers were in a state of euphoria.
(a) Pleasant excitement
(b) Intense indignation
(c) Utter depression
(d) Great disorder
ANSWER : (a)

49. He kindled the spirit of revenge in him and used it to his advantage.
(a) Contrived
(b) Provoked
(c) Dotted
(d) Burnt
ANSWER : (b)

50. He was the only reckless worker in the entire staff.
(a) Bold
(b) Rash
(c) Courageous
(d) Daring
ANSWER : (b)

Computer Science GK Test

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Computer Science GK Test Computer GK Test MCQ IN COMPUTER SCIENCE Basic Computer Quiz Questions with Answers 1. In normal view, how can you quickly change to handout master view in MS Power Point? (a) Click the outline tab and select handout master view (b) Press the shift key and click the handout master [...]

Jammu and Kashmir J&K GK test

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Jammu and Kashmir J&K GK test jammu and kashmir General Knowledge objective questions Multiple Choice Questions for j&K Exams 1. When Jammu and Kashmir was Established ? (a) 1947-10-25 (b) 1947-10-26 (c) 1947-10-27 (d) 1947-10-28

2. …Districts are there in J & K State. (a) 20 (b) 21 (c) 22 (d) 23

3. Who [...]

Indian History free Objective test

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Indian History free Objective test Free Indian History Online Practice Tests Indian History – General Knowledge Questions and Answers 1. The battle of Mahabharata is believed to have been fought at

Kurukshetra for?

(A)       14 days

(B)       16 days

(C)       l8 days

(D)       20 days

2. The Mukteswara Temple is located at?

(A) Puri


Rajasthan Gk test

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Rajasthan Gk test Rajasthan GK Question G.K. Objective Test on Rajasthan 1. Rajasthan is bordered by Pakistan to the …..

(a) East (b) West (c) North (d) South

2. Rajasthan is bordered by Gujarat to the …..

(a) southeast (b) northeast (c) southwest (d) northeast

3. Rajasthan is bordered by Madhya Pradesh to the [...]

Maths Sample Paper for All Entrance Examination

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Maths Sample Paper for All Entrance Examination

Solved Maths Model Test Paper

Directions (Q. 1—4): Study the following table carefully and answer the questions given below:

Average marks obtained by 20 Boys and 20 Girls in Five Subjects from five different schools.


1. The boys and girls of which of the following [...]

Bank Clerical English Model Test Paper

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Bank Clerical English Model Test Paper

English Test for Preli. Exams

Choose the one which can replace the word printed in bold in the sentence without changing the

meaning of the sentence.


1. She is really a fantastic girl.

(a) Wonderful

(b) Charming

(c) Beautiful

(d) Intelligent

ANSWER : (a)


2. [...]

Free Online Test English Lang. Solved Questions

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Free Online Test  English Lang. Solved Questions

 English MCQ Paper

Directions: Select the one which can best replace the italicized word in the sentence without changing

the meaning of the sentence.


1. Many species of animals have become extinct during the last hundred years.

(a) Feeble

(b) Aggressive

(c) Scattered

(d) [...]