geography objective type questions Practice test for UPSC UGC

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geography objective type questions Practice test for UPSC UGC
UGC NET JRF SLET Objective Geography
Exams for India · Free geography Model Questions

1. Which is not an erosional process caused by wind?
(a) Saltation
(c) Abrasion
(b) Plucking
(d) Deflation
Ans. (b)

2. The rocks that make up the continents and are rich is silicon and aluminum are L
(a) Lighter in colour and weight
(b) Lighter in colour and heavier in weight
(c) Lighter in weight and darker in colour
(d) Heavier in weight and darker in colour
Ans. (a)

3. Amount of vertical and lateral displacement on a fault is respectively referred to as:
(a) Heave; throw
(b) Tear, heave
(c) Throw, heave
(d) Heave, tear
Ans. (c)

4. Sub-aerial slopes include aggravational slopes created by
(a) River sediments (alluvium)
(b) Rainwash (colluvium)
(c) Rock fall talus
(d) All of the above
Ans. (d)

5. A genetic classification of streams was developed by W.M. Davis, following earlier ideas of:
(a) J.W. Powell
(b) J.K. Jukes t
(c) Both a and b
(d) None of the above
Ans. (c)

6. Bring the odd one out
(a) Corrie
(b) Ciruqe
(c) Cwm
(d) Arete
Ans. (d)

7. Excessive folding results in:
(a) Nappe Formation
(b) Block disintegration
(c) Geosyncline
(d) Reverse fault
Ans. (a)

8. Gutenberg discontinuity is found between the:
(a) Crust and mantle
(b) Upper mantle and lower mantle
(c) Mantle and core
(d) Upper core and lower core
Ans. (c)

9. Which among the following place does not show the eastern margin warm temperate climate?
(a) Nanking
(b) Miami
(c) Capetown
(d) Sydney
Ans. (c)

10. The grasslands that are affected by warm ocean current are:
(i) Pampas
(ii) Veld
(iii) Downs
(iv) Canterbury
(v) Pustaz
Select the appropriate code
(a) i, ii, v
(b) i, ii, iii, & v
(c) i, ii, iii, iv
(d) All the above
Ans. (c)

11. For the first time who used word ‘Anticyclone’?
(a) Fitzroy
(b) Solberg
(c) Gatton
(d) Axner
Ans. (c)

12. The most important component responsible for Albedo is:
(a) Cloud cover
(b) Ozone layer
(c) Ice-cover
(d) Dust particles
Ans. (a)

13. The world’s lowest air pressure has been recorded at
(a) Irkutsk
(b) Mariana Islands
(c) Alutian
(d) Hawaii Island
Ans. (b)

14. Which is the correct descending order of following gases, according to their presence in the atmosphere?
(a) He, Ne, Kr. Xn
(b) Ne, He, Xn, Kr
(c) He, Ne, Xn, Kr
(d) Ne, He, Kr, Xn
Ans. (d)

15. Selective scattering is caused by:
(a) Gases
(b) Dust particles
(c) Hygroscopic nuclei
(d) All of the above
Ans. (d)

16. Which theory says that all coral reefs began as fringing reefs around an island’?
(a) Darwin’s subsidence theory
(b) Daly’s subsidence theory
(c) Darwin’s glacial control theory
(d) Day’s glacial control theory
Ans. (a)

17. Isobaths are:
(a) Contours marking slope below sea level
(b) Contours marking slope below plain level
(c) Contours marking depth below sea level
(d) Contours marking depth below plain level
Ans. (c)

18. Which ocean does not show constant pattern of ocean current? -
(a) South Indian ocean
(b) North Indian ocean
(c) South Pacific ocean
(d) North Pacific ocean
Ans. (b)

19. Related to ocean deeps which one is incorrect?
(a) It covers only 1.2% of the Sea bottom
(b) In German it is known as Tiefe
(c) In-French it is known as Fosse
(d) In Welsh it is known a Cwm
Ans. (d)

20. Who conducted world wide study of 102 submarine Canyons?
(a) Francis Shephard
(b) Charles Bead
(c) None of these
(d) Both of these
Ans. (d)

21. Which among the following price does not fall under Savanna vegetation?
(a) Kano (Nigeria)
(b) Salisbury (Africa)
(c) Perth (Australia)
(d) San Fernado (Venezuela)
Ans. (c)

22. Which among the following is a mid-latitude desert?
(a) Atacama
(c) Kalahari
(b) Patagonia
(d) Namib
Ans. (b)

23. Which among the following does not fall under the warm temperate western margin climate?
(a) Perth
(b) Adelaide
(c) Capetown
(d) Sydney
Ans. (d)

24. Very old, highly weathered soil of low latitude is known as:
(a) Oxisols
(b) Ultisols
(c) Vrtisols
(d) Alfisols
Ans. (a)

25. A sequential development of a plant community or group of plant communities on the same site over a period of time.
(a) Xerosere
(b) Sere
(c) Serac
(d) Serir
Ans. (b)

26. Which region would be worsed affected by air pollution?
(a) Industrial region
(b) Commercial centres
(c) Rural region
(d) Transportation belt
Ans. (a)

27. Which part of Malaysia is most densely populated?
(a) Western Coastline
(b) Eastern Coastline
(c) Northern Coastline
(d) Southern Coastline
Ans. (a)

28. Which among the following ethnic groups does not fall under Mongoloids?
(a) Eskimos
(b) Red Indians
(c) Yakuts
(d) Alpine
Ans. (d)

29. Africanization policy of Uganda was aimed at
(a) To encourage immigration from other African country
(b) To disperse over-population
(c) To evict Indian origin people
(d) To encourage African unity
Ans. (c)

30. Planned rural settlement scheme “Felda” is associated with which country?
(a) Malaysia
(b) Indonesia
(c) Singapore
(d) Thailand
Ans. (a)

31. Norilsk on the Yenisey river in Siberia is associated with
(a) Nickel mining
(b) Iron mining
(c) Uranium mining
(d) Coal mining
Ans. (a)

32. Match the following:
List-I List-II
A. Chena (i) Sri Lanka
B. Caingin (ii) Philippines
C. Canuco (iii) Venezuela
D. Tamarai (iv) Thailand
(a) i ii iv iii
(b) ii i iv iii
(c) ii i iii iv
(d) i ii iii iv
Ans. (d)

33. Which among the following group of trees are mainly grown in the Southern part of USA?
(a) Douglus Fir, Hemlock, Spruce, Cedar
(b) Oak, Fir. Cedar, Teak
(c) Yellow Pine, Loblolby Pines, Slash
(d) Teak, Loblolby Pine, Fir
Ans. (c)

34. Match the following:
List -I List-II
A. USA (i) Petroleum Oil
B. China (ii) Solid Fuel
C. Netherlands (iii) Natural Gas
D. France (iv) Nuclear Power
(a) i ii iii iv
(b) iii ii i iv
(c) iii iv i ii
(d) i iv iii ii
Ans. (a)

35. World’s maximum Uranium reserve is located in:
(a) Canada
(b) Niger
(c) Nigeria
(d) Zaire
Ans. (d)

36. Amsterdam is famous for:
(a) Fishing
(b) Cutlery
(c) Diamond Cutting
(d) Chemicals
Ans. (c)

37. Soo Canal links lakes:
(a) Superior-Huran
(b) Erie-Ontario
(c) Huran-Erie
(d) Superior-Michigan
Ans. (a)

38. Main export of Venezuela is:
(a) Tin
(b) Oil
(c) Gold
(d) Coffee
Ans. (b)

39. Ratio of total pop4ilation to total food grain land is
(a) Agricultural density
(b) Economic density
(c) Nutrition density
(d) Physiological density
Ans. (c)

40. Which country has noticed the highest crude death rate?
(a) Afghanistan
(b) Angola
(c) Yaman
(d) Nigeria
Ans. (a)

41. Anchor tenant is associated with:
(a) Planned shopping
(b) Unplanned shopping
(c) Planned trading
(d) Unplanned trading
Ans. (a)

42. Initial concentration of cotton industry in USA was:
(a) New England region
(b) S.E.USA
(c) Appalachian region
(d) Great lake region
Ans. (a)

43. According to Rostow the stage associated to manufacturing industry is
(a) Pre take-off
(b) Take-off
(c) Drive towards maturity
(d) Mass-consumption
Ans. (b)

44. Environment Handbook (1968) was edited by:
(a) Wale
(b) Cocoyok
(c) Bosman
(d) Brundtland
Ans. (a)

45. Vaal River is a tributary of:
(a) Orange River
(b) Limpopo River
(c) Okovango River
(d) Zambezi River
Ans. (a)

46. Coolgardie and Kalgoorlie are famous as:
(a) Resort towns
(b) Mining towns
(c) Industrial towns
(d) Institutional towns
Ans. (b)

47. Major industrial famous towns in Ruhr region are:
(a) Berlin, Frankfurt, Stutgard
(b) Essan, Berlin, Colbgue
(c) Essan, Cologue, Dusselberg
(d) Lipzig, Halle, Dessau
Ans. (c)

48. Arrange these cities in the order of their position from South to North.
(i) Kwangchow
(ii) Shanghai
(iii) Nanking
(iv) Beijing
(a) i, ii, iii, iv
(b) i, iii, ii, iv
(c) iv, ii, iii, i
(d) iv, iii ii, i
Ans. (c)

49. About 30 per cent of Japan’s Industries are concentrated in
(a) Kwanto Region
(b) Kinki Region
(c) Kita-Kyusu Region
(d) Nagoya Region
Ans. (a)

50. Select from given choices the appropriate for industrial centres of the Ural region.
(i) Magnigorsk
(ii) Cheliyabinsks
(iii) Ufa
(iv) Sverdlovsk
(v) Tomsk
(a) i, ii, iii and v are correct
(b) i, ii, iii and iv are correct
(c) i, ii and iii are correct
(d) All are correct
Ans. (b)

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