GK English Objective Type Multiple choice for BSF Jobs Head constable (RO/Fitter) and ASI (RM)

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GK english Objective Type Multiple choice for BSF Jobs Head constable (RO/Fitter) and ASI (RM)
This test will contain multiple Choice test of 3 year Duration having Questions on
GK & English
This is GK and English MCQ Quiz For BSF jobs
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1. Who among the following is the author of the book ‘Deep-Shikha?
(a) Gora
(b) Dr. Rajendra Prasad
(c) Mahadevi Verma
(d Ram Naresh Tripathi
Ans. (c)

2. The author of the book “Meri Eqyavan Kavitayen” is—
(a) Atal Bihari Vajpayee
(b) Abul Kalam
(c) Dharamveer Bharti
(d) Manmohan Singh
Ans. (a)

3. The Capital of Mizoram is—
(a) Imphal
(b) Shillong
(c) Kohima
(d) Aizawl
Ans. (d)

4. The Book ‘Harry Potter and Goblet of Fire’ is been written by—
(a) Robert Ludlum
(b) J.K. Rowling
(c) Sidney Sheldon
(d) Spencer Johnson
Ans. (b)

5. Which among the fo1lowing is the 28th State of India?
(a) Jharkhand
(b) Uttaranchal
(c) Chattisgarh
(d) Gorkhaland
Ans. (a)

6. Population explosion in a country means —
(a) High birth rate and high death rate
(b) High birth rate and low death rate
(c) Low birth rate and high death rate
(d) Low birth rate and low death rate
Ans. (b)

7. How the poverty line is calculated?
(a) Their house
(b) Nature of employment
(c) Calorie consumption
(d) Standard of education
Ans. (c)

8. Elasticity of demand is a nature
(a) to increase and decrease on the change of price
(b) to increase the price
(c) to decrease the price
(d) none of these
Ans. (d)

9. Capital is—
(a) to earn property
(b) it is kept in boxes and locker
(c) it is earthed
(d) none of these
Ans. (a)

10. For a study of the long-term growth of the economy we use—
(a) personal income
(b) disposable income
(c) money GNP
(d) real GNP
Ans. (d)

11. Who is said to be the father of nuclear research in India?
(a) Raja Ramanna
(b) U.R. Rao
(c) Homi J. Bhabha
(d) C.V.Raman
Ans. (c)

12. The- science dealing with the study of phenomena at very- low temperature is known as—
(a) cryogenics
(b) frozenics
(c) cytogenics
(d) Refrigenics
Ans. (a)

13. Constituent Assembly was presided by—
(a) Dr. Rajendra Prasad
(b) Dr. Ambedkar
(c) Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru
(d) Dr. K.M Munshi
Ans. (a)

14. Which two words were added in the Preamble of the Indian constitution by the 42nd Amendment?
(a) Secular and Democratic
(b) Secular and Socialist
(c) Secular and Republic
(d) None of these
Ans. (b)

15. By which Article of Indian Constitution a citizen can go to the Supreme Court for his Fundamental Rights?
(a) Article-31
(b) Article—29
(c) Article-32
(d) Article-10
Ans. (c)

16. By which constitutional Amendment voter’s age was lowered down to 18 years from 21 years?
(a) 48th
(b) 57th
(c) 61st
(d) 63rd
Ans. (c)

17. Which among the following is now not a Fundamental Right?
(a) Right of Equality
(b) Right of Property
(c) Right to Religion
(d) None of these
Ans. (b)

18. In which Five-Year–Plan the poverty line was defined?
(a) Seventh Five-Year-Plan.
(b) Sixth Five-Year-Plan
(c) Eighth Five-Year-Plan
(d) Fifth Five-Year-Plan
Ans. (d)

19. The Eighth Five Year Plan was started on—
(a) 1991
(b) 1990
(c) 1992
(d) none of these
Ans. (c)

20. When the planning Commission was started?
(a) June, 1949
(b) October, 1951
(c) March, 1950
(d) None of these
Ans. (c)

21. One rupee note in India has the signature of—
(a) The Governor of the Reserve Bank of India
(b) Finance Secretary
(c) Deputy Governor of the Reserve Bank of India
(d) Note of these
Ans. (b)

22. Vikram Era was started in—
(a) 19 B.C.
(b) 58 B.C.
(c) 78 A.D.
(d) 73 A.D.
Ans. (b)

23. Which among the following is chronologically true?
A. Gandhi-Irwin Pack
B. Nehru Report
C. Non-Cooperation Movement
D. Formation of Forward Block
Find the answer from the codes given below—
(a) C, D, A, B
(b) C, B, A, D
(c) B, C, D, A
(d) B, C, A, D
Ans. (b)

24Who has been referred to as the conscience keeper of Gandhiji?
(a) C. Rajgopalachari
(b) R. Tagore
(c) V. Patel
(d) G.K. Gokhale
Ans. (a)

25. Which among the followiig is the result of Taimur Invasion?
(a) Downfall of Mughal
(b) Downfall of Lodhi dynasty
(c) Downfall of Tughlaq dynasty
(d) Downfall. o Khilji dynasty
Ans. (c)

26. Who was the First Governor General of Independent. India?
(a) Lord Mountbatten
(b) C. Rajgopalachari
(c) J. L. Nehru
(d) Dr. Rajendra Prasad
Ans. (b)

27. Tigris river flows through ‘which of the following countries?
(a) Israel
(b) Iran
(c) Italy
(d) Iraq
Ans. (d)

28. BBC is a
(a) broadcasting corporation
(b) news agency
(c) banking company
(d) none of these
Ans. (a)

29. Kroner is the currency of
(a) Sweden
(b) Switzerland
(c) England
(d) Portugal
Ans. (a)

30. Surinam is the new name of—
(a) Dutch Guyana
(b) Cameroon
(c) Indonesia
(d) Papua Guinea
Ans. (a)

Directions (Q. 31-35): Read the passage given below carefully and answer these questions.
Self poisoned in this fashion, civilization looks as though it might easily decline into a kind of premature senility. With a mind almost atrophied by lack of use, unable to entertain itself and grown so wearily uninterested in the readymade distractions offered from without that nothing but the grossest stimulants of an ever increasing violence and crudity can move it, the democracy of the future will sicken of a chronic and mortal boredom. It will go perhaps, the way the Romans went the Romans who came at last to lose, precise1y as we are doing now, the capacity to distract themselves; the Romans who like us, lived on readymade entertainment in which they had no participation. Their deadly ennui demanded ever more gladiators, more tight rope-walking elephants, more rare and far fetched animals to be slaughtered. Ours would demand no less, but owing to the existence of a few idealists, doesn’t get all it asks for. The most violent forms of entertainment can only be obtained illicitly, to satisfy a taste for slaughter and cruelty you must become a member of Klu Klux Klan: Let us not despair, however; the force of a boredom clamoring to be alleviated may yet prove too much for the idealists.

31. The main, idea of the passage is —
(a) Mind is degenerated
(b) Democracy is spoiled because of boredom
(c) Entertainment are illegal
(d) Civilizations may become imbecile because of ennui
Ans. (a)

32. Why will future democracy be diseased?
(a) Because of the lack of distractions
(b) Because of the lack of entertainment
(c) Because of the degeneration of the mind
(d) Because of idealists
Ans. (c)

33. What does the reference to Romans imply?
(a) Idealists are responsible for degeneration
(b) Ennui result in decay
(c) Romans wanted entertainment like the modern man
(d) None of these
Ans. (c)

34. What is the reference of the writer?
(a) Boredom will be alleviated
(b) There will be more participation
(c) Civilization it seems will decay
(d) None Of these
Ans. (c)

35. The example of the Romans—
(a) adds to the force of the arguments
(b) makes the passage graphic in description
(c) extends the contention
(d) serves as a parallel to the main idea
Ans. (d)

Directions (Q. 36-37): Fill in the blanks to complete the sentences.

36. He jumped as if the scorpion had………… him.
(a) threatened
(b) stung
(c) bitten
(d) brushed
Ans. (b)

37. The doctor had to………… on him to cure him of the disease.
(a) screen
(b) inject
(c) operate
(d) treat
Ans. (c)

Directions (Q. 38-39): Choose the portion of the sentence having error, if any

38. (a) Because he is learned /
(b) so he is /
(c) respected by all /
(d) no error.
Ans. (b)

39. (a) Shankar is greater /
(b) than /
(c) any philosophers /
(d) no error.
Ans. (c)

Directions (Q. 40—41): Pick out the nearest correct meaning or synonym of the words given below.

(a) repel
(b) subjugate
(c) dangerous
(d) fascinate
Ans. (d)

(a) ointment
(b) detergent
(c) remnant
(d) dish
Ans. (a)

Directions (Q. 42-43): In each sentence below, a group of words has been underlined. Below each four choices (a), (b), (c) and (d) are given. Pick out the one which can substitute the underlined, group of words correctly, without changing the meaning of the sentence.

42. The centre has decided to take Enron’s arbitration notice head on and chances of out-of-court settlement have seem ruled out
(a) an out-of-court settlement seems ruled out
(b) an out-of-court settlement seems to have been ruled out
(c) an out-of-court settlement seem ruled out
(d) an out-of-court settlement seems to have ruled out
Ans. (c)

43. The finance ministry has initiated, talks with the low and power ministries on an arbitrator being appointed.
(a) for an arbitrator being appointed
(b) on the appointment of an arbitrator
(c) to appoint an arbitrator
so that an arbitrator be appointed
Ans. (b)

Directions (Q. 44-45): Choose the most suitable antonym of the given word.

(a) love
(b) loathe
(c) abhor
(d) despise
Ans. (a)

(a) humorous
(b) regulated
(c) brief
(d) dull
Ans. (d)

Directions (Q. 46—50): Substitute single words for the following statements.

46. A sad song is a—
(a) ditty
(b) dirge
(c) knell
(d) lay
Ans. (b)

47. A person who goes on horse back —
(a) epicurean
(b) sinecure
(c) equestrian
(d) connoisseur
Ans. (c)

48. A person who is very fond of sensuous pleasures—
(a) philanderer
(b) charlatan
(c) philistine
(d) epicure
Ans. (d)

49. Below the surface—
(a) subterranean
(b) abortive
(c) surreptitious
(d) venial
Ans. (a)

50. A person with full discretionary powers to act on behalf of a country—
(a) emissary
(b) plenipotentiary
(c) ambassador
(d) envoy
Ans. (c)

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