Objective questions Sanskrit & Ancient indian books GK

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Objective questions Sanskrit & Ancient Indian books
MCQ Indian old books
Solved questions on Old Indian literature
GK indian Sanskrit Books
1.Which Veda can be recited?
(c) yajurVeda
(d)athrva Veda

2.Name the Veda whose most of the paras written in prose
(a)Sam Veda
(b)Yajur Veda
(c) Rig Veda
(d) Athrva Veda

3.Name the Veda in which one to one rishi is prominent in its sukats of mendals:
(a)Athrva Veda
(b)Sam Veda
(c) Rig Veda
(d)Yajur Veda

4.What are those scriptures which contain fundamentally the brahmin region and yagya?
(a) Veda
(c) Puran
(d)Brahmin granth

5.What are those scriptures whose composition was meant only for those individual,who wished to follow the path of devotion to see the almighty after completing their househoold life:
(a) Veda
(c) Upnishad
(d) Purnas

6.If Vedic literature had been called the most elevated collection of diamonds which literature had been terms as the crown:
(a)Braman granth
(b)Arnayak litrature
(c) Upnishad litrature
(d)Puranic litrature

7.Which litrature was composed to explain the meaning of sanghtavas:
(b) brahmin scriptures
(c) Vedaang

8.which one of the following is not a Vedaang:
(b) Arnayak
(c) astrology

9.How will you classify the “asht adhiyayi” of panini:
(c) education

10.Which scriptures have been helpful to write ”kam sutra”:
(a) Veda brahmin scripture
(b) from Vedaangs
(c) upnishads

11.Who is the scholar who has done discovery on ancient sanskrit literature
(c) keith
(d) johnson

12.Which one of the following scriptures inspired “rishi balmiki”, according to dr.waber?
(a)Asht adhiyayi
(b) Dashrath jatak
( c) Mahabharata
(d)skand puran

13.Which one of the following episode is not related to the ramayana:
(a)childhood episode
(b)ayodhya episode
(c) sunder episode
(d)lanka episode

14.Who is considered as the author of mahabharaat:
(a)Rishi Vedvyas
(b)Rishi vishwamitra
(c)Sringi rishi
(d)Rishi arya

15.How many parts are there in mahabharata:
(c) 18

16.When was mahabharta composed:
(a)1100 b.c
(b)1500. b.c
(c) 3100. bc
(d) 5100 b.c

17.Which one of the following is not a puran:
(a)Vayu puran
(b) Varah puran
(c) Agni puran
(d)Jal ouran

18.Which parts of purans are associated with “shiv puran”:
(a)Narad puran
(b)Vayu puran
( c) Bhagwat puran
(d)bhavish puran

19.What is called as adi puran?
(a)Bhagwat puran
(b)Agni puran
(c) brahm puran
(d)Varah puran

20.Name the puran in which there is a reference to twenty eight avatar of shiv:
(a)Ling puran
(b)Sskand puran
(c) Vaman puran
(d)Agni puran

21.Name the sanskrit scholar who is called the teacher guru of kanishak?
(a) Kalidas
(c) Bharvi

22.Which one of the following is not a composition of kalidas:
(a)Kumar sambhav
( c) Raghuvansh
(d)Harish chritra

23.What is kumar sambhav from the following:
(a)Collection of prayers
(c)Tale epic
(d)Short poem epic

24.Name the epic written by poet Bhatti:
(a)Ravan vadh
(b)Ram kav
(c) Meghnath vadh
(d)Lakshamn vijay.

25 Who composed “shishupal”vadh ?
(c) Magh
(d)kumar das

26.Who is considered the auther of Natya Shastra:
(b)Bharat muni
(c) Bhamah
(d)Anand vardhan

27.Which one of the following is not a sanskrit scholar:
(c) Bhavbhuti
(d)Jai shankar parsad

28.Who is the writer of “Abhigyan Shakuntlam”:
(a)Sri harsh
(b)Jai dev
(c) Kalidas
(d)Bharat muni

29Which one of the following plays is not written by Bhas:
(b)Swapanvas data
(c) Mudraksh

30.Who is the author of “harishchrit” and kadambari:
(a)Bhan bhatt
(b)Bhav bhuti
(c) Harish chandra

1.(b) 2.(b) 3.(c) 4.(d) 5.(b) 6.(c) 7.(c) 8.(b) 9.(b) 10. (a)
11.( c) 12.(b) 13.(d) 14.(a) 15.(c) 16. (d)17(d) 18.(b) 19.(c) 20.(a)
21.(d) 22.(d) 23.(b) 24. (a) 25.(c) 26.(b)27.(d) 28.(c) 29. (b) 30.(a)

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