Sample paper General Studies For orissa Jobs for Sub-Inspector of Police Exam

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Sample paper General Studies For orissa Jobs for Sub-Inspector of Police Exam
General Studies practice paper ORISSA JOBS
1. The permission given to a bank customer to draw cheques in excess of his current account balance is called—
(A) A personal loan
(B) An ordinary loan
(C) Discounting a bill of exchange
(D) An overdraft
Ans. (D)

2. A proclamation of emergency, under Article 352, on account of war or aggression requires approval of the Parliament within—
(A) One month
(B) Two months
(C) Four months
(D) Six months
Ans. (A)

3. The first Defence Minister of India was—
(A) K. M. Cariappa
(B) Gopalaswami Aiyangar
(C) Baldev Singh
(D) Sardar Patel
Ans. (C)

4. Provincial Autonomy was introduced in India by the—
(A) Indian Councils Act, 1909
(B) Government of India Act, 1919
(C) Government of India Act, 1935
(D) Indian Independence Act, 1947
Ans. (C)

5. Article 370 of the Indian Constitution upholds—
(A) Land reforms legislation in India
(B) Diplomatic privileges and immunities
(C) Special status of Jammu and Kashmir State
(D) Duties and rights of Lokpal
Ans. (C)

6. Who amongst the following is the author of the classic book Life Divine?
(A) Ravi Shankar
(B) Swami Vivekananda
(C) Radha Krishnan
(D) Aurobindo Ghosh
Ans. (D)

7. The first woman to become a Chief Minister of any State in India was—
(A) Nandini Satpathy
(B) Dr. J. Jayalalitha
(C) Sucheta Kripalani
(D) Ms. Mayawati
Ans. (C)

8. A parachute descends slowly whereas a stone dropped from the same height falls rapidly, because—
(A) Stone is heavier than parachute
(B) Special mechanisms are present in parachute
(C) A parachute has a larger surface area and air resistance is more
(D) None of these
Ans. (C)

9. Jaduguda is associated with the mining of—
(A) Iron
(B) Mica
(C) Uranium
(D) Copper
Ans. (C)

10. Salim Ali was an eminent—
(A) Urdu poet
(B) Ornithologist
(C) Ghazal singer
(D) None of these
Ans. (B)

11. ‘Survey of India’ is under the Ministry of—
(A) Defence
(B) Environment and Forests
(C) Home Affairs
(D) Science and Technology
Ans. (D)

12. Name the President of India who was elected unopposed—
(A) Dr. Shankar Dayal Sharma
(B) Dr. Neelam Sanjiva Reddy
(C) Dr. Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed
(D) Dr. Zakir Hussain
Ans. (B)

13. The authority which is not established by the constitutional provisions is—
(A) Finance Commission
(B) Planning Commission
(D) Election Commission
Ans. (B)

14. Which of the following organizations is the oldest?
Ans. (C)

15. The Department of Space proposed setting up of Indian Institute of Space Technology on, the line of the seven IIT’s. It will have its independent campus at—
(A) Chennai
(B) Thumba
(C) Thiruvananthapuram
(D) Sriharikota
Ans. (C)

16. Which one country is still governed by a monarch?
(A) Afghanistan
(C) Iraq
(B) Iran
(D) Saudi Arabia
Ans. (D)

17. Who was the first Indian woman to scale the Mount Everest ‘?
(A) Bachhendri Pal
(B) Phew Dorajee
(C) Onn Saang Su Kayi
(D) Yoko Ono
Ans. (A)

18. Epicentre is concerned with—
(A) Earthquake
(B) Volcano
(C) Cyclone
(D) Land-sliding
Ans. (A)

19. Name of S. Chandrashekhar is associated with which of the following subjects?
(A) Cosmology
(B) Chemistry
(C) Fluid Mechanics
(D) Astrophysics
Ans. (D)

20. Which scale is used to measure the intensity of earthquake?
(A) Richter
(B) Metric
(C) Centigrade
(D) Newton
Ans. (A)

21. Who was the only Indian woman to be elected as the President of U.N. General Assembly?
(A) Vijayalakshmi Pandit
(B) V.K. Krishna Menon
(C) Jawaharlal Nehru
(D) Rajeshwar Dayal
Ans. (A)

22. Sea-coast of which of the following states is the longest?
(A) Andhra Pradesh
(B) Maharashtra
(C) Orissa
(D) Tamil Nadu
Ans. (A)

23. ‘RAF’ is the abbreviated form of which of the following?
(A) Ready Action Force
(B) Rapid Action Force
(C) Reverse Action Force
(D) Repeat Action Force
Ans. (B)

24. Bolometer is used to measure which of the following?
(A) Frequency
(B) Temperature
(C) Velocity
(D) Wave-length
Ans. (B)

25. Tehri dam is built on which of the following rivers?
(A) Ganga
(B) Brahmputra
(C) Bhagirathi
(D) Yamuna
Ans. (C)

26. Which of the following is incorrect?
(A) AIDS is a retroviral disease
(B) AIDS disease spreads due homosexual and bisexual relations
(C) AIDS was first diagnosed in 1981 in USA
(D) Due to AIDS, ano-genetal warts are formed
Ans. (C)

27. Secretary of State in government of Barack Obama, President of U.S.A. ?
(A) Hillary Clinton
(B) Joe Biden
(C) Condoleezza Rice
(D) Ben Porriti
Ans. (A)

28. The concept of the Directive Principles of State Policy was borrowed by our
Constitution from the Constitution of—
(A) U.S.A.
(B) Canada
(C) U.S.S.R.
(D) Ireland
Ans. (D)

29. ATM stands for—
(A) Automatic Teller Machine
(B) Automated Teller Machine
(C) Automatic Tally Machine
(D) Automated Tally Mechanism
Ans. (A)

30. Which is the lowest layer of the atmosphere?
(A) Troposphere
(B) Stratosphere
(C) Mesosphere
(D) Thermosphere
Ans. (À)

31. Which of the following, according to Mahatma Gandhi, is the strongest force in the world?
(A) Non-violence of the brave
(B) Non-violence of the weak
(C) Non-violence of the coward
(D) Non-violence of the downtrodden
Ans. (A)

32. What is the tenure of the Prime Minister of India?
(A) Conterminous with the tenure of the Lok Sabha
(B) Conterminous with the tenure of the President
(C) As long as he enjoys the support of a majority in the Lok Sabha
(D) Five years
Ans. (C)

33. What was the reason for Gandhiji’s support to decentralisation of power?
(A) Decentralisation ensures more participation of the people into democracy
(B) India had decentralisation of power in the past
(C) Decentralisation was essential for the economic development of the country
(D) Decentralisation can prevent communalism
Ans. (C)

34. Consent of the people means consent of—
(A) A few people
(B) All people
(C) Majority of the people
(D) Leader of the people
Ans. (C)

35. Which of the following is not a Panchayati Raj Institution?
(A) Gram Sabha
(B) Gram Panchayat
(C) Gram Cooperative Society
(D) Nyaya Panchayat
Ans. (C)

36. Who among the following were members of the Swaraj Party?
1. Motilal Nehru
2. Sardar Patel
3. Gopal Krishna Gokhale
(A) 1 and 2
(B) 1 only
(C) 2 and 3
(D) 1, 2 and 3
Ans. (B)

37. There is no provision in the Constitution for the impeachment of the—
(A) Chief Justice of India
(B) Chief Justice of a High Court
(C) Governor
(D) Vice President
Ans. (C)

38. Only one of the following can be the ex-official Chairman of the Planning Commission. He is the—
(A) Minister for Planning and Development
(B) Home Minister
(C) Prime Minister
(D) Finance Minister
Ans. (C)

39. The train service—Thar Express between India and Pakistan, originates in India from—
(A) Jaisalmer
(B) Jodhpur
(C) Bikaner
(D) Beamer
Ans. (D)

40. Garba is a dance form of—
(A) Gujarat
(B) Rajasthan
(C) Orissa
(D) Assam
Ans. (A)

41. Who is named as the Flying Sikh of India?
(A) Mohinder Singh
(B) Ajit Pal Singh
(C) Joginder Singh
(D) Milkha Singh
Ans. (D)

42. Fundamental Rights are not given to—
(A) Bankrupt persons
(B) Aliens
(C) Persons suffering from incurable disease
(D) Political sufferers
Ans. (B)

43 has one of the following institute—
(A) National Agricultural Research Institute
(B) Rice Research Institute
(C) Forest Research Institute
(D) Central Food Technology Research Institute
Ans. (D)

44. First mammal evolved during—
(A) Permian period
(B) Triassic period
(C) Jurassic perio4
(D) Cretaceous period
Ans. (B)

45. The chemical nature of silk is—
(A) Protein
(B) Fat
(C) Carbohydrate
(D) Chitin
Ans. (A)

46. ‘Black Rust’ of Wheat is caused by—
(A) Fungus
(B) Bacteria
(C) Virus
(D) Actinomycities
Ans. (A)

47. Which of the following is an extra-constitutional and non-statutory body?
(A) Finance Commission
(B) Planning Commission
(C) Union Public Service Commission
(D) Election Commission
Ans. (B)

48. Which of the following is true regarding ‘No Confidence Motion’ in the Parliament?
1. There is no mention of it in the Constitution.
2. A period of six months must lapse between the introduction of one ‘No Confidence Motion’ and another.
3. At least l00 persons must support such a motion before it is introduced in the House.
4. It can he introduced in the Lok Sabha only.
(A) 2 and 4
(B) 1, 2, 3 and 4
(C) 1, 2 and 3
(D) 1 and 4
Ans. (D)

49. Deep fried food materials are carcinogenic because they are rich in—
(A) Fats
(C) Cooking oil
(B) Hydrocarbons
(D) Nicotine
Ans. (A)

50. The toxicity of which of the following heavy metals leads to liver cirrhosis?
(A) Copper
(C) Mercury
(B) Lead
(D) Zinc
Ans. (A)

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