Teaching Aptitude Test Multiple Choice Quiz Sample paper MCQ

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Teaching Aptitude Test Multiple Choice Quiz Sample paper MCQ
teaching aptitude questions
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1. Which of the following can be taken as a reflection of meaningful learning?
(A) A good score in the examination
(B) A high degree of retention
(C) The capability of transferring/using learning in different situations
(D) The ability to recall as and when needed
Ans :C

2. The most important thing for a student to gain a better insight in the subject is / are?
(A) the notes given by the subject teacher in the class
(B) the discussion facilitated by the teacher and held by the students for comprehending various aspects of the topic under reference
(C) the source material arranged by the teacher for the students
(D) the scholarship of the teacher
Ans :B

3. Schools should arrange co-curricular activities for the students, because?
(A) curricular experiences are incomplete without supplements
(B) interplay of curricular and co-curricular experiences gives a better insight into the content and its context
(C) everybody wants co curricular activities these days
(D) co-curricular activities make the school’s program attractive.
Ans : B

4. You are teaching in your class and it is almost the end of your session. A child of your class comes late and seeks your permission to enter the class. Being a good teacher, you will?
(A) not permit the child, as it makes little sense coming to class so late
(B) get annoyed, as you are disturbed
(C) ask the child to explain his/her position before you take an appropriate decision
(D) allow him/her to enter and ask him/her the reasons for being so late when the class gets over
Ans : D

5. You enter your regular class to discover the children not in a mood to study that particular day. You will
(A) value the child’s precious time and world, therefore, teach as per your plan
(B) feel disturbed seeing the reluctance of the children to study
(C) ask the children to mend their ways
(D) allow students the freedom to come up with what they want and gradually connect them to your plan
Ans : D

6. The teacher who has developed an interest in teaching?
(A) Studies problem of student behaviour
(B) Compares different types of tests
(C) Refuses to be guided by the rules of thumb
(D) Cannot deal with children effectively
Ans : A

7. Find the odd one out?
(A) Recall
(B) Recognition
(C) Trace
(D) Remembering
Ans : D

8. Motivation should be followed by?
(A) Reward
(B) Reproof
(C) Knowledge of result
(D) Incentive
Ans : A

9. Learning which involves motor organ is called?
(A) Sensory learning
(B) Motor learning
(C) Verbal learning
(D) Sensory motor learning
Ans : B

10. Which of the following is an audio-visual aid?
(A) Radio
(B) Tape-recorder
(C) Television
(D) Projector
Ans : C

11. Do the children of intelligent parents always shine in studies?
(A) Yes
(B) No
(C) Psychology
(D) It depends on God
Ans : B

12. Children’s fantasy reflects their?
(A) Love for imagination
(B) Inherent talent
(C) Age-specific traits
(D) Hidden frustrations
Ans : C

13. I prefer teachting young children because?
(A) I love playing with them
(B) It is easy to manage them
(C) It does not take extra reading on my part
(D) This is the best time to develop values and skills
Ans : D

14. Today’s parents exert a lot of pressure for achievement on their children as?
(A) they want to fulfill their dreams through their children
(B) they are scared about their children’s future
(C) the world is getting competitive everyday
(D) social status is gained only through good grades
Ans : C

15. An effective teacher
(A) can manage his/her class well
(B) knows his/her subject very well
(C) cares for his / her students
(D) helps his/her students to be authentic learners
Ans : C

16. One learns best in a classroom where
(A) every child gets a chance to explore
(B) the teacher does not give punishment
(C) there is no fixed curriculum
(D) there is no, threat of examination
Ans : A

17. The school and community should work together as
(A) the school is an integral part of the community
(B) the community provides resources for learning
(C) the community helps in understanding the diverse nature of the students
(D) children learn to cooperate with one another
Ans : A

18. Hyperactive children
(A) need special attention in the classroom
(B) need a separate classroom
(C) need special teachers
(D) need a special curriculum
Ans : A

19. A child’s potential for creativity is reflected in his/her?
(A) classroom discussion
(B) achievement scores
(C) out-of-the box thinking
(D) drawing and painting
Ans : C

20. Teaching is also a learning activity for teachers as
(A) it develops an in depth understanding of a discipline
(B) teachers need to do action research
(C) teachers learn a lot from their students
(D) teaching is a process, not a product
Ans : D

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